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My Homemade Bubble Recipe

on September 5, 2008

I used to spend a lot of money on bubbles since my little prince liked bubbles a lot. I didn’t like the bad smelling cheap bubbles being sold in Divisoria. The little flourescent colored clear bottles that sell for 3 for a 100 in the malls.  They smell terrible and the bubbles pretty much didn’t last long.  I was able to buy a big bottle of bubbles a few years ago at Maxitoylab Shangri-la but then they ran out of stock.

I went to Best Toys in Virra Mall and discovered Gazillion bubbles sold at 79 pesos a pop which really produces Gazillion bubbles.  So the kids played with these bubbles for a period of time.

But then my mother in law came back from China with a bubble making machine.  Given the huge amount of bubble solution needed to operate the machine, I figured that I couldn’t just keep purchasing these imported bubbles . I think I’d be bankrupt by the time we’re through. So I thought I would experiment and make our own bubbles out of simple homemade materials.

My Homemade Bubble Recipe:

12 cups of water

1 cup of imported dishwashing liquid (please do not use local ones)

3 tablespoons of glycerine

Mix all ingredients together in a bottle and shake. Contents may settle. Shake again before using.

You can buy the glycerine at any Mercury Drugstore.

I don’t recommend the use of the local dishwashing liquids for the reason that the surfactant content is less than that of certain imported brands. Soap is very much needed to stabilize the bubble.

The only downside to this formula is that it’s so slippery. It worked very well with the bubble machine literally flooding our indoor garden with bubbles, but it made the tiles so slippery so the kids couldn’t very well chase the bubbles around.

But all in all it was a fun and wonderful visual experience for the children.


2 responses to “My Homemade Bubble Recipe

  1. tonya says:

    what is imported dishwashing liquid

    • mymikhaela says:

      Local dishwashing liquid like the ones you see on commercials are not as effective for my bubbles as those that are imported from the US. You can find some in Gaisano Market Market, I haven’t tried, if you find it hard, I guess your best alternative would be Joy dishwashing liquid.

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