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What’s the Best Brand of Tissue to Use?

on January 31, 2009

I hate going to the supermarket sometimes. Every time I go to the shelf, there is always some new brand that pops up. As a consumer, I wonder even if I should even bother to spend my hard earned money to try something that I’m not even sure about.

The tissue paper section, for one, is a nightmare for me. It used to be that I only had a few choices and I would pick Kleenex over every other single brand on shelf. Kleenex, known for good quality and immensely high media spending, has built the reputation of being the softest tissue paper in the market.

My curiosity got the better of me today. And much against my better judgment, I ended up buying eight brands of travel tissue paper on shelf and brought it home to test. My mother in law actually raised her eyebrows upon seeing all those brands of tissue paper on my desk.

Tissue Overload

Tissue Overload

So what makes us buy tissue paper and what factors influence the way we buy our products.

JADE 50 2 100 150mm x 200 mm 10
KLEENEX 40 2 80 215mm x 150 mm 12.75
TISYU 50 2 100 150mm x 200 mm 12.5
EXTRA SOFT N WHITE 50 2 100 251mm x 150 mm 12
TRUSOFT 70 2 140 210mm X 190 mm 16.5
NICE TRAVEL PACK 20 2 40 203.2,, x182.88mm 12.75
BLEST 70 2 140 203.2 mm x 187.96 mm 17
TWEETYHEART 50 2 100 251mm x 150 mm 13.75


The biggest factor for buying tissue paper is pricing. The table above shows the number of sheets and the price per pack.

Comparing pricing for tissue paper is confusing because different brands cut their paper in different sizes, and the density of each paper is also different. To simplify things, I decided to compare by area of tissue relative to the peso value.

a). Expensive Tissue Brands

Nice travel pack surprisingly comes out to be the most expensive one because of its thicker sheets . Kleenex coming in at 2nd is almost half its price. This is followed by Tisyu at number 3 and Tweetyheart at number 4.

Tweetyheart is actually equivalent to Extra Soft and White. It is interesting to note that both brands manufactured by the same company, but the character licensing makes this product more expensive than it actually is.

b). Cheapest Tissue Brands

Trusoft is the cheapest brand of all and is followed in order by Blest at 2nd, Extra Soft White at 3rd and Jade at 4th place.


Another major consideration for me is SOFTNESS. I abhor using rough facial tissue paper. I mean if I wanted a rough tissue paper, I would’ve bought sandpaper.

I usually keep facial tissues for my baby who sometimes has a drippy nose. And if you need to keep wiping your nose, it’s important that you use a soft tissue so you don’t further irritate your nose.

I found that the tissue paper comes in 3 varying levels of softness.

The least soft ones which I have grouped together and don’t recommend for kiddie nose blowing are: Nice Travel pack, Blest, Extra Soft ‘n White, and Tweetyheart.

The medium soft group is Tisyu and Jade which is soft enough for drippy noses.

The brand that wins the softness contest hands down is …. You guessed it. Kleenex. They do really know their stuff.


Elemental chlorine-free (ECF): Replaces elemental chlorine with chlorine dioxide in the bleaching process. Most paper manufacturers use elemental chlorine in bleaching wood pulp products. This process leaves dioxins in the water which in turn pollutes the environment.

Elemental chlorine free helps lessen the level of dioxins in our environment. The use of chlorine free products can help reduce cancer rates. According to the U.S. EPA, it is estimated that the maximum safe level of lifetime dioxin exposure is just 0.003 picograms per pound of body weight per day. This exposure is equivalent to just ten drops of water in all the Great Lakes!

With the way things are, the current level of dioxin pollution puts every man, woman and child at risk for cancer. To give you an idea, people today carry 50 times more dioxin than our ancestors did .

Environmentally friendly products in this category are : Kleenex, Jade and Tisyu.


Pullability, all the aforementioned brands except Nice had great pullability. Nice irritatingly bunches up and you get more tissue than you actually need from the pack. All the brands tested were non scented. Five brands out of eight used virgin pulp: Kleenex, Jade, Tisyu, Nice and Blest.

My favorite picks for my kids in this category would be Kleenex, Tisyu and Jade being that all three products are elemental chlorine free and soft.

Little known, Jade, emerges as the dark horse, it comes out to be the brand with the best value because of competitive pricing for excellent quality.


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