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Nama Sakana Ramen Sushi House

on July 18, 2009

nama sakana sushi entrance

Nama Sakana means “raw fish”. Chef Rolly Ongkoy of Nobu owns the restaurant with business partner Mr. Nacy Nocom. He presents japanese cuisine in a uniquely different style combining Italian, German, American, French, and Peruvian (noting the use of jalapeno chilies).

It is a style made famous by a London based Japanese chef named Nobu Matsuhista (who has come out with cookbooks ) who was said to have made such an impression on Robert de Niro that he opened several restaurants with Nobu as his partner. Nobu is said to be a favorite haunt of celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Leonardo di Caprio and Madonna to name a few A-list celebrities.

nama sakana sushi bar

This is the 2nd time I’ve eaten here. Nama Sakana currently has an anniversary promo wherein you have a discount card gives you 50% of on all dishes from July 16 to August 15. I’m glad to say that the quality of their sushi is excellent. Chef Rolly lives up to his name as a sushi chef.

nama salad

This is their Green Salad with Seared tuna onion dressing. Dressing made of olive oil, onions,vinegar and soy sauce. This will set you back around php 250 a plate.

nama white fish

This is White Fish with yusu ( a japanese lemon) dressing made of soy sauce and lemon oil. On top is a cherry tomato in tempura batter.

nama rock shrimp

This is rock shrimp with 3 sauces. Sauces include flavors like jalapeno, spicy mayo, and ponzu (which is a mix of fish and bonito flakes with lemon). Php 285 a dish.

nama tempura

Nama tempura, this is the regular tasting tempura. Delicious as it looks.

nama gyoza

Nama gyoza never fails to please and looks as good as it tastes.

nama fish with miso

This is their cod fish in sweet miso sauce. I like sweet miso sauce better though-

nama beef sizzing

Sizzing steak grilled imported beef toobanyaki which is a dish of beef with mushrooms, asparagus, brocolli, yusu soy sauce. This dish will set you back php 850.00

nama jap cheesecake

This japanese cheesecake is simply oozingly cheesy- ilicious!

nama banana foster

Nama Banana Foster.

I’m looking forward to going back for a 3rd visit this month (while their 50% off promo lasts) . I just got my discount card a while ago (yehey!) I’ve yet to try their Nama Grill and Ramen dishes. I think Nama Sakana has a lot of offer . The restaurant is clean. Ambience is quiet. The staff are attentive and courteous. Even our friends who dined with us a while ago are planning to come back for another Nama experience.

If you want to go japanese – and want the dishes to have that “surprise me” factor. This is the one of the best places I ‘d tell you to go to. I’m just glad I don’t have to go all the way to London to get a taste of Nobu cusine. : )

As of this post, it is my 3rd time to eat here and I ‘d recommend having their special plated sushi (hamachi or white fish), their spicy tuna sashimi and house roll. And best of all we still got that 50% and the restaurant had really great service. : )

Nama Sakana
Ground floor, Fox Square Bldg.
53 Connecticut St., Greenhills
San Juan City, Metro Manila
Tel. 726.7266 •

Store Hours: Open from 11am-11.30pm on weekdays, 11.30am-11.30pm weekends

** I am going to miss this place. When they went off their promotion, the prices vs. the portions became a little too expensive for regular fare. Anyway, they’ve closed their doors.


One response to “Nama Sakana Ramen Sushi House

  1. Jenbeth Raymundo says:

    I totally agree with your review. Since Ive discovered this Japanese resto 3 months ago, Ive been going back once or twice each week coz food is really great and servers are gracious. The privilege card is a plus but even without the discount it is still reasonably priced, if i may say. keep up the good work to the mgmt.

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