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Best Milk for Babies

on August 1, 2009


I found this out about this milk when I discovered that my daughter had an allergic reaction to cow’s milk as a baby.

I ‘ve found this product to be a great alternative to cow’s milk and even better than soy milk formula brands (which do not taste good).

I used to ask friends to buy this goat milk from as far as London and Hong Kong. Great to know that it’s finally here.

What I like about this milk is that it’s gentle enough for children’s digestive systems due to the unique protein structure of goat milk.

It’s a natural milk, with all nutrients are naturally contained within the milk. A source of high quality protein, and a good source of calcium, important for strong bone growth for all ages.

Advantages over cow’s milk:

Goat milk lacks the beta-casein A1 variant which is common in cow milk, and which has been associated with diabetes and heart disease. Also, cow milk has high levels of alpha-S1-casein, which can cause cow milk to form a harsher curd in the stomach.

What’s nice about this brand is that it has B12 and Folinic Acid included in it.

I took the liberty of attaching this data on goat’s milk formula for infants.

Goat milk formula for infants

DGC’s Goat Milk Infant Formula offers parents a safe and nutritionally complete alternative to cow and soy based products. Goat milk infant formula has been formulated to meet the internationally accepted Codex standards that prescribe appropriate nutrient levels for infant and follow-on formulas. Fresh New Zealand goat milk is the key ingredient which characterises this unique product. Other ingredients are added only as needed to provide a nutritionally complete product for infants. Lactose is added to provide a composition more similar to human milk with reduced levels of protein and minerals that are safe for infants. Added vegetable oils provide a fatty acid profile more similar to human milk and appropriate levels of essential fatty acids. Certain vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients are added to meet the specific micronutrient requirements of infants.

More settled babies

Based on scientific evidence, literature and experience of product use, goat milk infant formula can confer several benefits to infants. Babies can be “more settled” due to advantages of goat milk infant formula.

Key benefits

This Goat Milk Infant Formula has a range of characteristics which can provide benefits for infant feeding and enable babies to be “more settled”.

· A higher proportion of medium chain fatty acids, which promote digestion and utilisation of fats.

· Reduced alpha-s1-casein content results in a softer curd which is more rapidly digested and easier for an infant to tolerate.

· Enhanced micro-nutrient absorption.

· Bioactive factors promoting gut development and function, with benefits for gut maturation, reduction/prevention of inflammation, and aiding intestinal repair.

The combination of these characteristics in a single natural food enables their natural synergies to be realised. Infant formula manufacturers and regulators are increasingly looking to more complex modifications and supplementation of cow milk and soy derivatives to produce breastmilk substitutes that more closely match human milk. The naturally higher levels of certain constituents, and relative absence of others, means that New Zealand goat milk provides a suitable, natural alternative base for production of infant formula.


Breast milk is best for babies. Professional advice should be used before using an infant formula. Introducing partial bottle feeding could negatively affect breastfeeding. Good maternal nutrition is important for breastfeeding and reversing a decision not to breast feed can be difficult. Infant formula should be used as directed. Proper use of an infant formula is important to the health of the infant.

Not that many stores carry this product, here’s a site you can visit that ships all over the Philippines


6 responses to “Best Milk for Babies

  1. wingie lawas says:

    Is there any available for the 2 yrs old and above? and how much?

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Dg goats milk in Mercury Drug and other supermarkets. this is the same as Nanny brand goat milk in the UK and abroad. I think around PHp 475 for a small can

  • dolores says:

    hi there, was reading your blog just now…the goat’s milk caught my attention since my baby has cow’s milk allergy and so i am much interested of getting one..currently were in canada and will be going home for the holidays and so i’m looking into goat’s milk formula especially in you have any idea if this available in cebu as well?and how big is this can?and how much is the cost?thank you…

  • hi.. i do have the same problem now, but i really cant find any goat’s milk here in Fuente, cebu drugstores.. in what mercury drug outlets does this milk can be bought?

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