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Scholastic and Grolier Warehouse Sale

on November 11, 2009

I went to Scholastic’s Warehouse sale last November 6 to 8. They had titles like Twilight, Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and a lot of children’s books from 50php to 375 php and up.

They had the I SPY books as well. Most of the books were at 10% discount, except for some drastically marked down books Scholastic workbooks and other titles they seemed to have overstocked on.

I was able to buy Logico Piccolo and Logico Primo (1st ed.) at 60% off the regular price, and its amazing that they even threw in a Harry Potter 7 book boxed set to sweeten the deal ( book set is supposedly worth 3000k).

I was told that they have an upcoming warehouse sale in Pacific Star this December. I think its very much worth going there to look and buy.

A good friend of mine who loves collecting children’s books- finds that warehouse sales are even a lot cheaper than school bookfairs or international book fairs where discounts are usually from 5% to 15% off the books.

You can call them up and leave your contact number and email so you can get updated anytime they have a sale.

70 C. Raymundo St. Brgy Rosario, Pasig City
Tel : 9001538


54 responses to “Scholastic and Grolier Warehouse Sale

  1. miriam says:

    Hi! I am thinking of getting the Logico Primo and Maximo for my children. Grolier is selling the 2 sets for 12k. How much where you able to get yours? How dio you find the products? is it user friendly for parents and kids?



    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Miriam,

      Yes, it’s a wonderful set. I only bought the Maximo because my kids are like 5 and 7 already. You should call them and ask to be informed of their warehouse sale which usually happens November/ December. I would suggest following up because I also left my name with them last time- and I only found out through a friend they were having a sale again- at like half the price they offered to you.

      It’s a set better used with parental guidance or with a tutor (the kids tend to like “cheating” like checking the answers at the back before they even finish the task so I have to keep an eye on them).

  2. pao says:

    Hi! I was wondering about the logico you bought was that a secondhand ? Because when i call their office they transfer me to the sales and they told me that the logico they are selling at the warehouse are already used? TNX! 🙂

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Pao,

      At the time I bought it, they had so much stock available and they were all new to me. Maybe they used it for demo purposes or something. But the condition of the books are all as good as new. They even gave away an entire set of Harry Potter books for free.

      If you’re not in a hurry, you can always wait for the sale. : ) One of their representatives tried to convince me into buying their books at a School Book Caravan. I almost bought it. Come to think of it, it was good that I decided to wait and saved a lot of $$$. : )

      • miriam says:

        Wow! My agent was saying that the promo will be until end Feb and will go back to the regular price of 24k. Hmp! I should be more cautious with their marketing strategy. thanks for the tip. when will the sale be?

        Thanks Mymikhaela!

      • mymikhaela says:

        Hi Miriam, I’ll try to post again if I hear any news of the sale. For now, I ‘d suggest getting their office number in Kapitolyo and ask them to contact you every time they have a sale. My friend was able to amass such a large collection of books (at a discounted price) by just patronizing their sales.

  3. pao says:

    The agent offers me logico piccolo,24 volumes i wonder why series and 2 volumes of grolier childrens dictionary for 12,400 for 3 months installment. that offer is quite interesting, so how much were you able to get your maximo?

    • miakaela says:

      I found your blog coz i am looking for reviews on logico picollo and maximo. i was offrered yesteday at cash and carry, makati city and had a downpayment of 1k only but the complete package will cost me P15700 to 21,500 if one year to pay. I wonder how high they prices came to be, while reading at your notes here cost only lower than 12k? Can u give me a tip how to decline the offer and “mabawi” muna ang 1k ko?

      Bk may mas mura pang mag-offer.

      thanks a lot.

      • mymikhaela says:

        Hi Miakaela,

        I don’t really know about their promotion, but I would assume that if you have a receipt and decided not to go on their offer, you technically should be able to get back your downpayment. In retail, there is no such thing as NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE.

        You can always question them with DTI since you didn’t purchase any product. I assume that the seller won’t be too happy and will probably argue with you to keep your 1 k.

        Companies like these normally sell their books at a more inflated price to cover the cost for rentals and other expenses.

        I would try keeping an eye out for their warehouse sales. Try calling their offices around October, November and December. You’d probably be surprised as some of the items they mark down for sale.

  4. Lily Dayta says:

    Hi, your blog was such a blessing! I was able to get a logico picollo for my son last november at a really lovely price. But yeah I think they’re putting the used ones on sale. One of the math set I got was damaged but they are very much willing to have it replace with a good one.

    As for the scholastic bookfair, I got so excited last november coz they were selling some really good books for such a cheap price. They have this section that if you get 20 books you can get it for only P30.00 a piece. Which is a real bargain co’z I used them as gifts for my son’s classmate last christmas and for the Teacher’s children. 😀 They also have some books I couldn’t find in most of the bookstores in ortigas area.

    I called the warehouse just now and the next sale is scheduled on April 19-24, 2010. 😀


    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Lily, thanks so much for the update : ) They do sell a lot of good books. And that’s real cheap if you can get it at P30.00 a piece. You should try checking out their Geronimo Stilton books, they have great fonts and they’re really good for kids- especially if you want to make it exciting for them to read.

      I like your gift idea : ) I wish I had thought of giving away books last Christmas. 🙂 those are a lot better options than buying stuff at Divisoria. And great, thanks I’ll post your update on the sale.

      Thanks again, Lily and God Bless.

  5. Marikenya says:

    Aww! I hope I’ve read ur blog prior I made the downpayment early this afternoon for the logico primo which the sales staff convinced me of buying at around 13K! Good thing I’ve convinced them I don’t have much money and would pay 200.00 only for the down. Ur tips are good, would call scholastic asap. thanks!

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Marikenya, thanks for dropping by to read the blog site. And oh wow, you’re smart to wait, I probably would’ve bought it as well if my friend hadn’t told me about their warehouse sales. Try waiting for the next sale. Books are always a great investment : )

  6. Cai says:


    I’m here all the way down in Cebu City. I’m wondering where exactly is Scholastic Warehouse? Do they have a branch here in Cebu?

    I’ve tried playing and answering myself the Logico Piccolo of my officemate and I had fun with it that’s why I want to buy Logico Piccolo for my son (5 yrs. old) and daughter (4 yrs. old), and also Logico Maximo for my 12-year old daughter.

    My officemate got her Logico Piccolo for P16,000 together with the I Wonder Why books. It’s quite heavy on my budget. That’s why I’m glad I found your blog.

    Thanks and God bless!

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Cai,

      Scholastic Warehouse is in Manila. It’s rather difficult to find and also out of the way, so you’ll need to call them up for directions.

      I suggest you try to call them, but I doubt the sale is available in Cebu- given freight and logistics costs and all.

      I’ll try to post again once the sale is back. I do agree with you that it is heavy on the budget.

      Thanks for dropping a line and God Bless.

      • Edith says:

        Hi Cai,

        An agent just visited my office to convince me to buy one set logico maximo. He said I can buy it at P8,000 plus payable in 3 months. is this price okay?

        Thanks and God bless.


      • mymikhaela says:

        Hi Edith,

        I got my set at around Php 2950 during their warehouse sale last year with a free 7 book set of harry potter books. you might want to call their office and ask when the oct or december sale is. They usually have more bargains.


    • hi there. . there’s a branch in cebu, in sm. . front of the toy kingdom. .i ordered there but no books were delivered. . =( i paid like P500 for the downpayment. .

      the set is about P16000. . ,maybe there’s no warehouse in cebu. .

      • mymikhaela says:

        Hi if it takes them that long, I ‘d really suggest asking for a refund. I hope you got your books already.

  7. Lyn says:

    haist, should have read this. just had a logico primo and fun thinkers et plus the i wonder why at 19k. i hope my boys learn a lot from this…

  8. Mae says:

    Hi! I paid a reservation fee of P100 to an agent for Logico Maximo in SM yesterday? Is it okay if I have it cancelled?

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Mae,

      It really depends on you, and if you’re willing to wait for the sale as well as go all the way to their warehouse in Kapitolyo. : ) But technically, you should be able to
      get your money back if you haven’t bought the product yet.



    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Mae,

      I’m sorry i didn’t get to respond. Did you buy your Logico Maximo?

  9. christy says:

    hello . am interested on your product. but having read all the blogs. have been a big help on my part. usually wat malls do u have display your items. am in manila binondo area. wat would u suggest wat logico must i first purchase. i have a 4 yr old, a 7 and 8 yr old.

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Christy,

      I ‘m just a bloghappy mom. I don’t have a store, but you should check out both logico piccolo and maximo personally. Logico is something that you have to use with a teacher’s guidance because if left as a toy… it’s expensive to be toy and kids get bored with it easily.

  10. marla says:

    hey there,plss help meim looking 4 picolo and fun thinkers books,where is this sale ur saying in kapitolyo pasig?plss reply me asap,coz im really interested for my daughter,plss give me an update hirs my number,09086473998
    my daughter really dont enjoy school that much,she only wants playing then we went to market2 one time and she tried playing this books,and she did enjoyed it a lot….
    until now imstill looking for a cheaper one,my budget is around 7to 8 thousan only…plsss help!!!!thanks marla..

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Marla,

      hope you got to purchase at the sale. you should contact them and ask them to text you anytime they have a sale.

  11. hi there! where did you buy the set? well, i ordered a set of books in cebu on july 29, . august will soon end and no books are delivered yet. . =( do you have any contacts there? i lost mine. . =(

  12. Pam says:

    My husband and I saw this great book at Megamall yesterday. We almost bought the 3 sets (Primo, Piccolo, Maximo) worth about P20,000. We’ll just wait for Nov/Dec sale then. Thanks for the post.

  13. Sharon says:

    Hi. I ran across Logico in Pioneer and my kids enjoyed it. They were able to convince me put a DP of P1,000. Now that I read this blog, I’m thinking how much discount I can get if I wait for the Sale. I live very closeby Bo. Kapitolyo and I’d like to know where their warehouse is.

    Thanks so much and this blog is such a good help!

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Good things come to those who wait . : )

      • mymikhaela says:

        Hi Sharon,

        Here’s their address and phone number. Try giving them a call re: their next upcoming sale.

        ADDRESS: 70 C. Raymundo St. Brgy Rosario, Pasig City

        TEL/CONTACT: 6407696

      • mymikhaela says:

        Hi Sharon,

        I just wanted to thank you for saying that you like my blog. Hahaha. You really made my day. If there are some topics that you’re interested in do let me know i might write about it.


  14. hear ye says:

    hear ye. 🙂

    i chanced upon the scholastic warehouse sale here at Pacific Star last September 27-28, and i bought the following lovely book sets at 70% off (all hard-bound, color-printed in glossy book paper):

    29 Volumes +2 CDs of “Help me Be Good” – 1500Php
    10 Volumes of “1000 Things You Need To Know About” – 750Php
    17 Volumes [broken set] of “Disney Children’s Encyclopedia” – 100Php each

    Definitely a great bargain for priceless information. 🙂

    They’ll visit again on October 18th. Your readers may want to ask if they’ll showcase picollo there.


  15. Craig says:

    My wife was accosted (sorry, I mean approached) by a salesman at SM Molino last week. I was on a business trip and the books (24 x I wonder why books, and a set of books and plastic square called Funthinkers) were delivered after I had returned home. Price? P13,860 plus finance charges as my wife had chosen to pay by installments. I happen to have some fairly extensive financial and legal experience and, fair to say, I was not at all happy. First, these books are sold on a high-pressured basis to people who most often could not afford the cash price, which was P4,000 cheaper. P4,000 over the cash price is INTEREST on the balance outstanding. This firm, Grolier, was castigated in the USA for high-pressure sales techniques as long ago as 1978. Their way of selling continues today in countries where they have not (yet) been called to account for their sales practices, which in my view target those who cannot afford it today and are prepared to sacrifice anything for their children’s education. Play your part in having these practices stopped, and buy the same quality of educational books for your children at Filipino owned stores. And at prices of P200 per book, MAXIMUM. So 24 books would have cost a mere P4,800 plus the other books, say a maximum cost of P10,000 compared with a cash price of P13,860 for the Grolier books.
    Now, I feel sorry the sales people are working for this high-pressure sales company; and in the main they probably don’t realise what they are doing. In case you don’t realise, it’s very simple: Appeal to the parents’ desire to educate their children and give them the best start in life, and make sure they can “afford it” by offering an installment plan that adds P4,000 to the purchase price (before any “discount”); and if they say I want to talk to my spouse first they point to the bottom of the form where it says the signing spouse waives the consent of the spouse who is not there. This has been considered by the Courts of the Philippines, and spousal consent has been upheld by the Supreme Court; or quite simply if the spouse is not there the contract is NULL and VOID.
    There’s nothing wrong with the books, so far as I can see – good quality and educational. The issue is the way this company conducts business. Selling dreams and ripping off ordinary people.
    I’ll stop now!

    • mymikhaela says:


      Wow I am sorry to hear that. They usually do that as I almost bought one set at a school fair. They offer that irresistible- if you buy now, you’ll get a bigger discount promotion. I did nearly buy from them. Although I did make a quick phone call to my husband before deciding to commit to anything ( Note to self: I didn’t want an angry husband waiting for me at home). He didn’t agree and found it incredibly expensive. He told me to wait for the sale which makes me glad that I listened to him.

      I do hope you’re able to resolve your problem with the company .

  16. mary reana says:

    hi, thank you po for all the information i read in your blog. talaga pong nalinawan aq kc po talagang i am about to make my downpayment today. As i search the product, nbsa q po ang blog na ito and i am very much happy po talaga at di aq nakapasok sa isang contrata which will cost me 21k+.
    Ill wait for the warehouse sale nalang. thanks….

  17. SMILEY says:

    good day po! with the prices mentioned here i am just wondering if i got a good bargain sale because after many negotiations with an agent, he finally offered a clearance sale with prices of i wonder why books 24 vols (php5,500), 1000 things you shld know 10vols. (php1500), sci encyclopedia 10 vols (php1500) plus i was able to get the children’s dictionary (2vols.) (all brandnew) & family flip quiz free for purchasing said books, also the agent said i could get the logico maximo & fun thinkers at php9100 for the 2 sets of books. Pls advise if i shld grab the opportunity of buying the maximo & fun thinkers at such price or should i wait na lang. THANKS A LOT FOR BEING OUR CHRISTMAS ANGEL!

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Smiley,

      Scholastic has their sale in 70 C. Raymundo. Please check my updated post. I ‘d suggest you give them a call and and check if the titles of the books you were offered are on sale there. I’m not sure if Grolier’s is included in this Christmas sale, but it won’t hurt to ask. I wouldn’t hurry if I were you- do some checking first. I know you’re very excited to get all these things for your kids.

      Merry Christmas and thanks for the compliment. It’s makes me happy that someone finds my posts useful. Hahaha.

  18. renz says:

    Hi mymikhaela,

    I have bought impulsively sets of logico primo and sets of dvds just this month. Now i realized that the product i purchased is not so useful for my child as he tends to get bored with it. I paid the downpayment which is Php 1,944.00 during delivery and I will be starting by January 2010 for the monthly payment which is 1,620.00.
    Now my question is, would it be okay to return the items to them? kahit e forfeit man nila yung dp ko ok lang sa akin. Now I have fixed my mind of returning the items kahit wlang refund sa dp basta hindi lang ako magbabayad ng 21k for a year installment.
    Please let me hear from you. I really thank God that I found your blog. I hope you can help. Thanks!


  19. mary reana says:

    to Smiley

    Madam cn u give me sna yng no. ng agent n kausap m regarding the grolier products kc prang mura na yng price na ino-offer nya and i am interested sna to asked more info sa agent. tnx. Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Maida GONZALES says:

    HI, an agent at SM offered me the two sets of LOGICO at 17,000++
    i found the product beneficially to my 3kids. And did sign up and filled up a form with the at the mall…Made a down payment of 1,660.00 already.
    upon reading yor blog i am willing to wait for a DECEMBER sale and i am willing to let go of the down payment as well is it really 2.950.00? for the two sets? AWWWW their asking price at the mall is just too much..I want to cancel but what about those things that i signed up with them??? they masde me sign a few things at the mall and made me fill up a form with all the details??? PLEASE HELP what to dO?

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Maida,

      Are the items with you already? If they are, I think you’d have a problem returning them because you can’t really return a product because of pricing issues. I haven’t been going to the recent Scholastic sales, so I can’t really tell if you they still have the same offers available. But I did get my set as low as that, for 1 set. I don’t know if they ‘ll allow you to return, but I guess you can try talking to them. Hope this helps.

  21. sarah limbo says:

    can you please help me find where to find these books.( logico maximo) i really wanted to have these for my daughter for she is dying to have it but i find it so unreasonable to buy because of the price they offered at the mall. please. at least an advise.. thanks a lot.

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Sarah, i think you can try calling Grolier if they will be having a sale and if you are willing to go all the way to their warehouse just in case they have a sale in either October or December.

  22. monski says:

    hi mymikhaela,
    Big thanks for all the information and blogs,I was so happy i found this, if I haven’t red about your blogs maybe I wont be known that prices can go down to 70% after reading all this comments I searched the internet in and was able to buy all volumes of I wonder why at P3500 it was already used but it was good as new.
    Those who are interested in 2nd hand books like primo piccolo and maximo check out u can even negotiate with the price like i did with the grolier books i just bought yesterday. 🙂

  23. Harold says:

    Hi! Is it still possible to cancel my transaction with the grolier agent, even though I have already given them a full downpayment of php 2,333, but have changed my mind when I realized that paying a total of 19k more in the next 12 months seems to be too much for me. They hadn’t delivered the products yet, since the person who verified our place told us that there is a collection risk. And is the contract that was given to me can also be considered as an official receipt of our transaction? Please let me know if cancelling the transaction is still valid or not in this case. Thanks..

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Harold,

      I’m not sure what the contract is about, but check if they actually issued you an official receipt for the amount and since you don’t have the books yet- you can try talking to them to cancel (after all, they consider your area a “collection risk” ) and the books have not been delivered. Worse case, you forfeit your 2,333.00 php If not, you can always get help from the DTI consumer welfare desk to see what your options are.

  24. availbale pa po ba yung scholastic wrehouse?

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