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March 2010 Class of Mr. Lu of Chinese Culinary Arts Center

on March 10, 2010

Sharing this email I got from the Chinese Culinary Arts Center: I suggest you email or call them directly for the prices of their classes and more updated schedules.

Good news: Friends and students of Mr. Lu had successfully convinced him to teach Authentic Chinese Dishes for another year.
Below is the schedule for March, 2010. Hurry! Grab this chance tp learn the right technique of cooking Chinese dishes in easy and systematic ways.
Those lessons that you had not taken, try your best to learn them this time.

March 10 Wed 10 am Dishes Wed Pancit Canton, Crispy bean curd, Humba, Salted eggs mustard green soup
2 pm Special Dimsum: Kuchay Empanada, “Ma Lai” Cake, Cecile fried dumpling

March 12 Friday 2 pm Rice topping: Minced beef rice, Chicken with mushrooms &/or Cantonese sausage rice, Salted fish and
pork slices rice, Sauce for rice toppings.
March 13 Sat 10 am Rice topping: Beef with ampalaya rice, Sweet & sour pork rice, Fish fillet with sweet corn rice, Red
cooked fish belly rice
2 pm Rice topping: Stewed spare ribs with beans sauce, Aroma beef belly, Fried chicken, Shrimps with vegetable
March 15 Mon 2 pm Special Dimsum: Egg tart (Part 1), Almond cookies, Chicken pie

March 16 Tues 10 am Special Dimsum: Egg tart (Final procedures), Fresh fruits cream pie, Crispy peony, Walnuts honey dew
2 pm Special Dimsum: Cantonese (Wife’s) hopia, Lotus cream hopia, Century egg hopia

March 17 Wed 2 pm Special Dimsum: ,Greased fried siopao (Yeast dough), (jiang Jie style), Sweetened taro root and sweet

March 18 Thurs 2 pm : Dishes: Stir fried beef tenderloin with sweet pepper, Steamed crabs, Fish head in earthen pot, Steamed
triple eggs

March 19 Friday 2 pm : Dishes: Steamed Lapu-lapu, Sweet and sour pork, West lake minced beef soup, Stir fried noodles with
ginger and scallions in oyster sauce.

March 20 Sat 10 am Dishes: Yang chow fried rice, 3 cups chicken, Shrimp in scrambled eggs, Fried breaded phoenix tailed shrimps
2 pm Special Dimsum: HK Style Siopao with different fillings (Asado, Meat Balls and Lotus Cream)

March 22 Mon 2 pm Roasting: Roasted Pork (Asado), Sauce dip for all roasted foods.

March 23 Tue 2 pm Roasting: Roasted Peking Duck complete with auxiliary ingredients such as pan cake for wrapping

March 24 Wed 2 pm Roasting: Roasted Suckling Pig

March 25 Thu 2 pm Roasting: Roasted Chicken

March 26 Fri 10 am Roasting: Assorted Soy Dishes, Fried Pigeon, Fried chicken,

2 pm Roasting: White Chicken, Soy Sauce Chicken, Assorted Cold Cuts

All enrollees MUST REGISTER BEFORE the scheduled dates by paying in full or at least Three Hundred (P300.00) Pesos deposit per class or Five Hundred (P500.00) Pesos for Roasting, Special Dishes or Special Class. Seat arrangements are on a first enrolled first served basis.

· In case you can not make it, kindly inform us one (1) day before the meeting you are registered for. The said deposit may be applied to another class. Failure to give advise will automatically forfeit the said payment.

· We reserve the right to cancel any classes that did not reach the minimum of six (6) participants per meeting. Enrollees should give their accurate contact numbers and address. In case of change of schedule due to unfortuitous events or for some other reasons, so he/she may be notified properly.


2130 Marcelo H. Del Pilar Street,
Malate, Manila 1004 Philippines
Tel: (632) 530-2053; 5252720


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