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The Best Squid Flakes

on August 7, 2010

Baker’s Mill Squid Flakes. I count this as one of my Top 10 list of yummy spicy snacks. I was actually able to buy a pack of this for php 180 at Mann Hann, although you might be able to pick up a box at Wei Wang in Wilson St. They have it sometimes.

Baker’s Mill prides itself as Cebu’s finest. I ‘m not surprised, they are and have replaced my former favorite Triple E Squid Flakes, which did not have super crunchy squid flakes due to their plastic packaging.

Baker’s Mill comes in (2) 50 gram foil packs. Only open them when you plan to eat, so that the squid flakes stay crisp. Usually there is nothing left to keep after a few minutes. Spicy, a tad sweet and crunchy, it’s one of my guilty pleasures in life.

In terms of healthiness, they are baked. They contain squid, sugar, oil, salt, MSG, and Chili. I usually can consume like only 1/4 of a bag and get others to share with me. MSG tends to make me feel thirsty, too much of it (like in some restaurants I’ve eaten in), I come home with a headache.


2 responses to “The Best Squid Flakes

  1. Irvin Lance L. Bernardo says:

    Do you have an idea where to buy the Trippile E flakes in manila? i am looking for the chinese sausages they make.

    any reply would be appreciated. thanks

    • mymikhaela says:

      Hi Irvin,

      I haven’t seen any Triple E on the store shelves lately. But you know the chinese sausages made in Cebu are great. : )

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