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How I was able to save five thousand pesos at Mercury Drug

on September 19, 2010

We take a lot of things for granted.

I normally tend to throw away credit card slips and receipts. I tend to take these things for granted. I see them as clutter in my wallet, meant to be thrown away. But now it seems they are worth something, there is really gold in trash.

I sat down tonight totalling up my expenses and realized that my recent obsession with purchasing things- be it gas, groceries, meats with my Citibank credit card and making sure that they’re swiped in figures averaging 1500 php has paid off (instead of paying things lump sum).

I was able to save money – Five Thousand Pesos ( Php 5000.00 ) by buying my medicines at Mercury Drug and exchanging “useless” paper for actual goods. And by taking the time to collect credit card slips starting July 23, 2010 to date from my husband and in-laws , I was able to use on a daily basis and maximize my credit card slips.

It’s mind boggling to count but I think I’ve made around 29 to 30 trips to Mercury Drug alone this month, and that is a lot of repeat visits and purchase from someone who only used to visit the drug store once a month.

The reason I had to make many trips to claim my rebate is that Citibank only allows you to claim a maximum of Php 200.00 rebate per day per cardholder and they keep track of this.

Hopefully, Citibank continues it’s promotion with Mercury Drug as the promotion ends Oct 31, 2010 (although they’ll be honoring all Citibank credit cards customer slips dated July 23 to Oct 31 – until the end of the year to claim to rebate).

They’ve actually converted me from being a frequent BDO card user to a frequent Citibank card user.

Citibank actually ended their promotion this October 31, 2010. If you have existing credit card slips from July 23 to October 31, I suggest you bring them to Mercury Drug and exchange them for gift certificates. I was able to claim about 1500 php worth of gift certificates.


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