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Things to Do When You Have a Cold

on September 19, 2010


1). Give Honey 1 to 2 tsp before bedtime.
Note: Do so only if the child is more than a year old. And the child in question is not hyperactive in anyway.

2). Do use a warm mist humidifier if you have a cold, just make sure to
take extra care that the children don’t get burns from touching the heating filament.

3). Drinking Water or broth will help hydrate your body.

4). Can give a combination of warm lemon water with honey to help loosen congestion.

5). Give Nasal Drops if the child is a baby. Saline spray for kids more than 2 years old.
They are safe and non irritating and serve to combat congestion.

6). Give Zinc only within 24 hours of a cold. Not effective after.

Vitamin C- won’t stop your colds, but it will make the duration of the cold shorter.

7). Eat more fruits (pineapple,grapefruit,apples, pears) and vegetables.

8). Eat warm foods.

Things to Avoid when you have a Cold

1). Dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt – has an effect of making phlegm thicker.

Alternative : give almond or rice milk

2). Alcohol, coffee and sodas that end up dehydrating your body.

3). Chocolate

4). Refined sugars in white flour or bread. Stick to whole wheat.

5). Yeast products (white breads or cured meats like bacon, hams)


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