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Monopoly Jr.

on September 20, 2010

monopoly  jr

This is a cool game that keeps kids five to seven years old interested. Monopoly Jr. is the for kids version of the the classic Parker Brother’s game : MONOPOLY.

The kids learn to count, add and subtract. They learn use money to pay for property with whimsical sounding names. They also learn that they have to pay for “rent” on other players’ properties they inevitably they land on during the course of the game.

The kids also get to practice their reading skills on the board and the chance cards.

Although Monopoly Jr. is a game of chance and luck, it also teaches children the value of sportsmanship. At the end of the game, one of my children usually cry, I take it as an opportunity to explain that that’s its okay to lose. And that in a game of chance not everyone can be a winner.


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