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on October 27, 2010

GLADCORN is probably the closest thing you’ll get to a gluten free high fiber corn snack. Gladcorn is not organic- although I was able to buy them at a store in Hong Kong for 12 HK. This is a store which mostly sells gluten free and organic products.
When I opened them just now, I was thinking of highly flavorful addictive cornicks based on their packaging . Reality sinks in when you open the pack, the popped kernels, actually I ‘ve never seen corn kernels look that darned ugly.

First things I noticed when I tasted the kernel. The kernels were crunchy. They didn’t have any msg flavor to it. They were well salted. And I didn’t get the oily feeling I usually did when I ate the local cornicks or even the Indonesian version of cornicks, and yes, as it states on the website, they are highly addictive. I guess ugly grows on you. So glad that it wasn’t a complete waste of money.

For those with gluten sensitivities this should be fine. Although for those who are sensitive to casein and soy, please note that Gladcorn is made with non hydrogenated soybean oil and processed on equipment that also processes milk products.


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