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Best Rubbing Alcohol for Use for Children

on October 31, 2010

I often go wonder what kind of alcohol I use for disinfecting my children’s things. Sometimes I ‘d go out and buy ethyl alcohol and other times I’d grab isopropyl alcohol off the shelf.

Price didn’t really matter so much as we didn’t use it as often as other families did.

Rubbing alcohol is topically used as a disinfectant . There are two kinds of alcohol presents in the market, ethyl and isopropyl alcohol.

Ethyl Alcohol is made from 70 to 95% ethanol, water, acetone and other chemicals.
It is unfit for human consumption and can be toxic or even a cause of death if it is consumed.

Ethyl Alcohol is good for reducing bacterial count. It is not as effective against viruses and fungi. It is ineffective against spores.

Isopropyl is made by combining water with propylene. People often used isopropyl alcohol to do medicinal rubdowns to help bring reduce temperature during a fever. This practice is now discouraged as it was found that the rapid reduction of temperature is considered detrimental to the patient.

Things to Remember About Rubbing Alcohol:

(1) Store in a dark, cool, place.
(2) Keep away from exposure to fire as it is highly flammable.
(3) Keep away from children as it is toxic if drunk or inhaled.
(4) Best used for disinfecting items or preparing skin for an injection.
(5) Never use for open wounds.
(6) Can dry skin easily.
(7) Always tightly close the bottle cap of your rubbing alcohol.
(8) Great to use as a solvent for cleaning electronic equipment without the
Risk of electrocution as it evaporates quickly in small amounts.

I prefer using Ethyl Alcohol for 3 reasons:

(1) it is more “natural “ product as it is a by product of yeast fermentation compared to isopropyl alcohol which is a chemical reaction from water and propylene.

(2) Ethyl alcohol is approximately 50% less toxic than isopropyl alchol when ingested.
(not that anyone of us plan on drinking it).

(3) Isopropyl alcohol in particular has a drying effect and in fact is recommended for use to help dry water in ears for the treatment of Swimmer’s ear. Isopropyl alcohol now has variants that have moisturizers added to them to counteract the drying effect.

NOTE: You can use any brand of 70% ethyl alcohol you like. This just happened to be the one that was available.


2 responses to “Best Rubbing Alcohol for Use for Children

  1. janice says:

    strongly agree! thanks for posting cleene ethyl alcohol in your website!

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