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Best Biscuit Sticks

on November 9, 2010



Pretz is made in Japan. They come in several flavors like milk, plain or pizza.
Pricing: Php 25 ( Pizza) and Php 77.25 (other flavors)

Cui Mei Si pretzel sticks made in Guangdong China. come in corn and tomato flavor.
Corn Flavor: Made of wheat flour, contains monosodium glutamate and chicken powder.

Tomato Flavor: Made of wheat flour, tomato powder.
Pricing: Php 49

GAP Salad Flavoured stick is made with wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, salad powder, milk powder, salt, and seaweed. It is made in Thailand.
Comment: You will like this if you like vegetable flavor on your biscuit.
Pricing: Php 25

Pretz for me is the best brand of biscuit sticks in the market in terms of taste and quality. GAP had a funny salad test which I didn’t really appreciate so much and wouldn’t recommend it for kids. Cui Mei Si is probably the last on my list of brands because of their use of msg.

In terms of pricing, Cui Mei Si had the most affordable pricing at Php 49 for 128 grams (12 packs in one bag). Followed by GAP and PRETZ.

NOTE: I didn’t include other pretzel stick brands that contained chocolate filling or nuts.


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