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Citibank’s Healthy Holidays at Mercury Drug

on November 20, 2010

Citibank came out with the continuation of the very successful Mercury Drug promotion.

I saved technically around Php 8000 for the last promotion without being required to SHELL OUT a single penny. All everyone in the family had to do was just keep using Citibank cards for everything and collect all the receipts.

Now, given the new mechanics of this promotion. For each Php 1500 coupon you claim (to get a hundred pesos off) you’re required to spend at least five hundred pesos (Php 500) using your Citibank card.

So in order to save around Php 8000 worth like I did in the previous promotion I tried to do the math:

a). At Php 1500 per coupon you would technically have to spend Php 40000 at Mercury Drug for the month of November to December. So unless you’re really sick or have some sort of expensive medication, there is no way that you can really maximize this to save the same amount as I did previously. You can’t even exchange your charge slips for gift certificates.

This Php 1500 coupon gives you an effective 20% discount on your minimum purchase of Php 500.

b). At Php 5000 per coupon, you would technically still have to spend Php 20,000. But I doubt if many people can have as many as Php 5000 coupons to claim- and we’re talking about 40 coupons or being able to spend around Php 200,000 in a month which means that less than 1% of the population will be able to do that.

If you do happen to have a Php 5000 coupon, then the minimum Php 500.00 purchase would be a 40% discount on your purchase.

I ‘m not even going to bother discussing the Php 20,000 coupon, unless you pay for corporate expenses with your credit card and spend around Php 400,000 this month in charge slips of Php 20,000 in value (which is nuts). Hahaha, you don’t really have much of a prayer maximizing this.

I’d suggest though that if you do have a php 20,000 charge slip, then it’s worth taking the time and the effort to go to Mercury Drug and claim it. It’s effectively an 80% discount on your minimum purchase.

My review? Compared to the last promotion:

a). This promotion requires you to spend at least Php 500 on every redemption.
b). You are required to use the matching Citibank credit card to claim the matching charge slip rebate every time which means your personal appearance is now required to claim.
c). It’s very difficult to maximize this promotion because of the purchase requirement.
d). You can’t exchange your charge slips for gift certificates.

Verdict: This is still a good promotion, but not as good a deal as the 1st promotion.

I’m NOT diverting all of my credit card purchases to Citibank this time. I’m going back to my good old BDO card and continue amassing points that I can just use at Watson’s without any purchase requirement.

Unless of course, I need to buy something worth Php 500 at Mercury, then that’s the time I’ll tell you it’s worth using your charge slips there.


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