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500 php Kalesa Ride

on November 25, 2010

I think I probably did one of the most irresponsible things in my life by taking an hour long calesa ride through the streets of Manila.

Number one. I failed on the haggling part. It’s hard to haggle when your own children start hailing the calesa driver. It’s also distracting to have the calesa block the street. As in cars are tooting, and three children clamoring to be let into the calesa.

I was literally in the calesa before I asked about price and by then it’s already too late to get down. I was told PHp300 for a ride from Masangkay to Ongpin which is less than a km away. I was also told that I was supposedly getting a bargain, since I would have had to hire 2 calesas for say 6 people.

I was offered a Php 500 ride for 1 hour along the streets of Manila that my calesa deprived children literally screeched in joy upon hearing the driver say it. Needless to say, it felt like a hold up and I felt like a fool even getting up on that calesa.

Number two. I was terrified of the cars and the traffic snarl on Rizal Avenue. The horse frothed at the mouth. I was so scared that the horse would bump into the cars.

Number Three. You never realize how much pollution there is in Manila unless you take a calesa ride in the streets of Manila from Masangkay, Ongpin, Soler, Tomas Mapua, Rizal Avenue and back again. My kids were rejoicing while we were all busy trying to get them to cover their nose and mouth as there was so much smoke. Whatever happened to NO SMOKE BELCHING?

Number Four. I made an important discovery today . Manila is traffic because of a major lack of DISCIPLINE. Jeepney drivers literally clogging the roads in the effort to get passengers and yes, they are also a major source of pollution . Sounds like the I just discovered that the Earth is round hehehe.

Number Five. Overloading a calesa is dangerous, especially to the person (s) who sits in the front seat. In that case, it was my son and his yaya. You take the risk of literally being thrown off if the horse happens to trip or fall. In the case of the driver, his way of balancing the calesa was to put a heavy pail of feed behind the calesa.

Number Six. I was informed by my aunt that that ride should only have cost around 200 or 300 php at the most. OUCH.

Number Seven. The only good thing I probably did on this trip was not to bring wear any fancy trinkets or flashy accessories that might attract attention from would be snatchers. People can make wonderful targets while sitting on calesas.

Review: I am definitely not taking another tour of Manila in a calesa anytime soon- once is enough thank you.

(Note :This picture actually came from Wikipedia as I usually don’t bring any valuables like cameras while walking through the streets of Manila).


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