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Splendid World Class Chinese Acrobats Live in Manila Dec 26 to Dec 30

on December 9, 2010

Don’t miss this show. It’s a two hour action packed show filled with artistic acrobatic stunts – 13 acts guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Over 100 award winning jugglers, aerialists, contortionists,and acrobats will be seen in this exciting event as it was seen on the Beijing Olympics.

PATRON VIP (Reserved Seating) 1340
PATRON SIDE (Reserved Seating) 1100
LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) 950
UPPER BOX A (PREMIUM) (Reserved Seating) 750
UPPER BOX A (REGULAR) (Reserved Seating) 550

Please see Ticketnet for more details on the time and dates.

Review: I just got to watch this show today and it is amazing. It is certainly worth the time and money to go there and watch the acrobats perform. My kids just loved this show. I was so surprised to find out that a lot of people from the provinces also came to watch this show.

A lot of seats were full and even the Php 550 tickets had a good view of the show. I wouldn’t recommend the php350 to php 150 seats though, they’re too far for me.


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