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Happy Lemon

on January 3, 2011

I was so excited when I first saw Happy Lemon. It was another milk tea place to discover and hangout. Just this December alone, I think I’ve visited this place twice with friends and yes, for some reason, I keep forgetting to take pictures of the drinks.

They have a lot of funky combinations being offered, but the one I love the most and keep coming back for is the Green Tea Rock Salt and Cheese combination.

One of the owners manning the both, actually instructed us to “Sip it, don’t stir it.” I did as told and wasn’t disappointed I wish that the creamy milky cheesey rock salt part would never run out. Hehehe. End December, they actually did run out of stock of this flavor.

The 2nd one I tried is the Oreo shake combination which was delightfully delicious with the Oreo bits around, but the shocking amount of ice disappointed. The ice was almost more than half of my cup. Happy Lemon guys, if you ‘re reading this, please tell your staff not to put so much ice in the Oreo shake combination.

Anyway, I’m still going back to discover more flavors- I can’t seem to get over my milk tea fix. : )

Happy Lemon
Ground Flr Promenade Greenhillls (where Fully Booked used to be)


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