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Ramen Bar Citibank Promo Free Tempura Ice Cream for Php 1000 purchase

on January 11, 2011

I love Ramen Bar.

I think I’ve been there around 4 times already since it opened considering that Eastwood is a little far from home. I do so love their noodles, reminds me of eating at stand alone ramen places in Japan where the only thing they serve in the restaurant is just ramen : )

I brought two more friends today and they were raving about how good the soups were.

We tried ordering Super Chasyu Ramen at Php 380 a pop. Not cheap but definitely worth trying. The chasyu is meat that’s been simmered and cooked slowly.

The soup is really good rich and thick, nothing artificial tasting as the soup is cooked for 20 hours. It’s nothing like the ones served in restaurants that serve thin tasting soups that taste suspiciously like Knorr caterplan broth powder. I love the soft flavorful tamago egg that’s been marinated for 48 hours.

We tried ordering RBS #1 which is the one of the most recommended dishes in the menu. It’s a mix of naruto (the white and pink fish cakes), dried seawood, onions, pork, pork belly and tamago (egg) with a dash of sesame seeds.

We also tried ordering their Seafood Ramen which is delicious as well, but not as complex in flavor as their RBS#1.

Our appetizers actually came out a little later than the ramen. We had their spicy kakuni buns which really stood out. I love the softness of the buns, the spiciness of sauce and texture of the pork meat which literally melts in your mouth. Pricey at php 180 for two- but worth a try.

We also had their karaage which is crispy boneless fried chicken with salt and pepper seasoning. Eat while hot. The crunchiness is something to experience. Pricey at Php 155 for 4 pcs of boneless fried chicken meat.

Lastly, we had tempura ice cream. It is probably the best tempura ice cream I have ever tasted from the texture of the tempura coating to the delicious chocolate sauce. As my friend’s daughter found it finger lickin’ good : ) She finished all the sauce, but politely refused a second round of tempura ice cream : ).

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture hahaha. It was so good, it slipped my mind as it lasted less than 2 minutes on the table. : )

When I got the bill, I was happily surprised to find out that using my Citibank card to pay for the bill did have it’s benefits. From a bill of Php 1700+ for everything we ate, they agreed to deduct the bill for my tempura ice cream since Citibank so kindly sponsored our dessert : ). Yehey, that’s a savings of Php 180.00.

Looking forward to eating at Ramen Bar again.

Ramen Bar
G/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, QC


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