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Learning Libraries

on May 8, 2012

Learning Libraries

Kids today are different, because of the influence of media, many kids today grow up not knowing even how to speak Filipino well. It’s no surprise that my kids are one of them. We live in a country where the main focus of language is English- and it’s a awful surprise to my kids when they are confronted by classes in Filipino. 

Frankly speaking, it’s like watching a massacre, seeing how they butcher the Filipino language with their Disney channel accents and hilarious phrases like “Ako ay Pilipino” (translate: I am Filipino) is spoken as ” Ako ay Pipino” (translate: I am a Cucumber). Or seeing their test scores like a bloody sheet of paper because they had no idea what the sound “kriing kriiing” makes – its supposed to be the sound of an alarm clock.

I admit it’s funny, but long suffering mother that I am, I had to search again for another intervention to fix our Filipino Disney accents. So I finally found Learning Library, a uniquely different teaching concept for kids wanting to learn Filipino. They have workshops and one on one tutorials and immersion in books to help children love the language.  I’ll admit it’s a gentler approach compared to the school’s sit down and study this in one month shot gun approach. 

We just started today at their center in Unit 7 3/F The Promenade Building, Wilson St. Greenhills,  and surprisingly, the teacher was able to gain my son’s interest in the topic at hand and even get my child interested in reading books with no pressure.  I’ll be writing soon after my kids finish 2 months at the center, but I’m looking forward to seeing them tackle the subject in school like a duck takes to water.



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