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Best Way to Enjoy Eating Apples

on July 7, 2013

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Best Way to Enjoy Apples



Cool, crisp and juicy.

This is how I describe this apple snack.  Probably the simplest snack I’ve had after doing a round of Insanity in my living room.

For some reason, eating apples peeled and chilled with tons of ice on top felt so  refreshing.

I don’t normally like eating apples, but the temperature really did make a difference . The ice also helped prevent my apples from turning oxidizing fast.

When an apple is sliced, phenolic compounds in the apple’s cells are exposed to air. An enzyme in the apple reacts with the phenolics when it is exposed to air and this reaction to oxygen in the air causes the browing and softening of the apple.

Dropping the apples into a bowl with ice and cold water limits the apple’s exposure to oxygen, so you end up getting great tasting crispy apples.


2 Apples either Fuji or Gala (sweeter) peeled and sliced

1/2 cup cold water

Lots of ice


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