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Summer Reading Workshops by Learning Library for Kids 2014 at Greenhills

on March 7, 2014

Parents usually agonize over things to do this summer.  One of the things, parents often like to do is to find reading classes and workshops for their children.

The Learning Library’s unique programs use a highly effective literature-based approach that helps children enjoy learning more and become lifelong learners.


Beginning Reading

In order to set the stage for a lifetime of reading, students need a solid foundation in letter mastery and decoding skills. Coupled with stories that are interesting and appropriate fora young child, this ensures that a student has the right set of skills to become a fluent reader and an independent learner.

Beginning Reading provides the scaffolded learning approach for children who are just beginning to read. The activities use all 5 senses in the course of the sessions with the Reading Coach. Paired with engaging stories that are right for your child’s reading level, these activities ensure that your child will acquire skills that are necessary to make him an effective reader.

Comprehension and Writing (English)

Success in school is grounded on a student’s ability to process the information read and the ability to accurately express ideas through writing.

In Reading Comprehension and Writing, we match students to stories that are just right for their reading level. They choose what book to read to give them a chance to enjoy reading. With the help of well-trained and motivating reading coaches, students are taught a variety of comprehension strategies that help them understand and effectively apply the information that they’ve learned to texts they tackle in school.

In addition to processing information, students are also taught how to write well-thought essays. Using stories and text that illustrate our program’s writing goals, the reading coaches ensure that children are able to convey their ideas using activities that hone grammar and composition skills.

Fundamental Filipino

In Fundamental Filipino, we not only enhance your child’s vocabulary, grammar and expressive skills. Using stories written by Filipinos for Filipinosand fun, highly interactive activities, we teach your child to appreciate Philippine culture.

The Filipino speaking workshops equip students with a basic knowledge of the language: they learn it using literature specifically chosen for the session. Students learn to speak in Filipino in a supportive environment with other children through activities that enrich the story for the day.

Post-workshop sessions with reading coaches tie in new skills and knowledge with their school curriculum: we match their balarila activity to the topic currently discussed in school. This ensures that success in the program is translated to success in school.

Comprehension and Writing (Filipino)

Many good students have a difficult time with Filipino subjects, primarily due to insufficient vocabulary and limited use of the language. To cope, these students resort to memory work. This leaves them with a very basic knowledge of Filipino that is often not enough to handle school level requirements.

Our Comprehension and Writing in Filipino has successfully addressed this by “meeting students where they’re at”. We surround them with storybooks that are just right for their reading and speaking ability, and allow them to choose what to read. They acquire comprehension skills quickly and confidently, and the stories leave a lasting impression – be it additional knowledge of Filipino or deeper appreciation of our culture.

Aside from comprehension activities, students are given balarila exercises that complement the actual school curriculum. This ensures that lessons learned during their sessions are applied in the classroom, and built upon to create a foundation for long-term success.



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