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Best Way to Enjoy Eating Apples

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Best Way to Enjoy Apples



Cool, crisp and juicy.

This is how I describe this apple snack.  Probably the simplest snack I’ve had after doing a round of Insanity in my living room.

For some reason, eating apples peeled and chilled with tons of ice on top felt so  refreshing.

I don’t normally like eating apples, but the temperature really did make a difference . The ice also helped prevent my apples from turning oxidizing fast.

When an apple is sliced, phenolic compounds in the apple’s cells are exposed to air. An enzyme in the apple reacts with the phenolics when it is exposed to air and this reaction to oxygen in the air causes the browing and softening of the apple.

Dropping the apples into a bowl with ice and cold water limits the apple’s exposure to oxygen, so you end up getting great tasting crispy apples.


2 Apples either Fuji or Gala (sweeter) peeled and sliced

1/2 cup cold water

Lots of ice

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Wee Nam Kee: A Hainanese Chicken Rice Franchise from Singapore

Wee Nam Kee : A Hainanese Chicken Rice Franchise from Singapore

Posted on May 12, 2013


On a visit to Trinoma, my husband and I decided to try out Wee Nam Kee.  Being a fan of Hainanese Chicken, we thought it was a must to try it out. Wee Nam Kee in Trinoma looks a lot better than the Wee Nam Kee Hainenese chicken house in Novena, Singapore.


The place was pretty full on a weekday.  We browsed through and menu and ordered their bestsellers.


We had the green seafood soup which was typical of Chinese restaurants locally. Each bowl is around Php 75.00


We ordered the roasted pork (lechon kawali)  at Php 220 per dish.  It was crunchy, taste similar to Singapore hawker stalls.  It was served cold.  My daughter particularly liked it.


We ordered the signature steamed chicken dish 1/2 order is Php488 and is good for 3 people.  I was surprised that my daughter liked it.  The manner of cooking, the presentation is good.  I think my issue was with the chicken.  The chicken was grown locally.  For some reason, the chickens in Singapore taste different from the chickens here.


Of course, one must never eat the chicken without the heady mix of ginger, chili sauce and dark soya sauce.

The meal was generally enjoyable, but nothing beats eating the original dish in Singapore.

Wee Nam Kee

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave. Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 846-8925
4/F Trinoma, North Ave cor Mindanao Ave Sto. Cristo, Quezon City
(02) 576-6318
Glorietta 2
Serendra Piazza

8227095/ 09178285025

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AIT Philippines


This is shared by a parent who has a child with special needs who underwent AIT therapy.

I came across AIT when I was trying to find an educational intervention that would help my son Basti increase his focus and attention in school. He was often easily distracted and had difficulty coping in class. As a child, he had history of allergies and ear infections. He often had cough and colds which were often treated with antibiotics. He developed sound sensitivities around age 2 which made it difficult for him to handle certain sounds like fireworks, thunder, dogs barking, vacuum cleaner, blender, the school bell and even the sound of lights opening and closing. These things used to make him so agitated that he’d end up tuning out- unable to concentrate at the task at hand. He would also cry. I dreaded bringing him to children’s parties, since he would invariably force me and Yaya to sit outside with him. Haircuts were also an ordeal we suffered through and for the longest time I could not tell if he hated the sound of the shaver or the sensation of being shaved and having all that falling hair irritate his skin.

In our efforts to help our son have a better quality of life, we decided to bring the US FDA approved Auditory Integration Training (AIT) therapy to the Philippines. My son Basti had AIT at age 5 and I was his therapist. Many of us don’t realize how important the auditory sense is. When someone says,” oh your child is having difficulty in school”, more often than not we parents tend to think that we need a tutor, more summer lessons. We often don’t realize that a problem with the child’s listening skills could actually lead to problems with the child’s learning ability.

After Basti’s first round of AIT, we noted so many changes over the passing months- his words were clearer, it was easier for him to understand instructions, I didn’t have to call him or repeat instructions several times. His eye contact was consistently better. He was calmer and happier. His handwriting and coloring improved- the lines were deeper and darker, and his coloring more consistent. Although he was still afraid of some sounds – the sound of dogs barking, the vacuum cleaner, the blender and the sound of lights opening and closing no longer bothered him. Parties became easier to go to, he would now allow us to sit at the farthest table from the stage. Even our barber was amazed to see him sit down on the chair for the first time without creating a scandal in the shop.

As a parent, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see my son’s improved quality of life and behaviour in school. Today, Basti has gone much further than we’ve hoped for .  

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Learning Libraries

Learning Libraries

Kids today are different, because of the influence of media, many kids today grow up not knowing even how to speak Filipino well. It’s no surprise that my kids are one of them. We live in a country where the main focus of language is English- and it’s a awful surprise to my kids when they are confronted by classes in Filipino. 

Frankly speaking, it’s like watching a massacre, seeing how they butcher the Filipino language with their Disney channel accents and hilarious phrases like “Ako ay Pilipino” (translate: I am Filipino) is spoken as ” Ako ay Pipino” (translate: I am a Cucumber). Or seeing their test scores like a bloody sheet of paper because they had no idea what the sound “kriing kriiing” makes – its supposed to be the sound of an alarm clock.

I admit it’s funny, but long suffering mother that I am, I had to search again for another intervention to fix our Filipino Disney accents. So I finally found Learning Library, a uniquely different teaching concept for kids wanting to learn Filipino. They have workshops and one on one tutorials and immersion in books to help children love the language.  I’ll admit it’s a gentler approach compared to the school’s sit down and study this in one month shot gun approach. 

We just started today at their center in Unit 7 3/F The Promenade Building, Wilson St. Greenhills,  and surprisingly, the teacher was able to gain my son’s interest in the topic at hand and even get my child interested in reading books with no pressure.  I’ll be writing soon after my kids finish 2 months at the center, but I’m looking forward to seeing them tackle the subject in school like a duck takes to water.


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Taylor Swift Get A Chance to Watch Her in Concert for FREE

Taylor Swift fans not only get a chance to meet and greet Taylor Swift, they also get a chance to see her concert for FREE.

Summit magazine is launching Taylor Swift’s fan magazine, the launch will be on January 29, 2011. Please read mechanics or see more details at Facebook : candymag,, kzoneph, and astroplus1


Rustan’s Ensaymada

steph pix 008

These little babies are good. At php 53.00 per pack of 6 round and super cheezy ensaymadas with a dollop of cream and oodles of quickmelt cheese. You really can’t go wrong with the price. Really value for money.

I ‘ve been buying these lately for my son’s merienda (it beats slaving over the oven to make one). I also give them away to friends and family as well.

I was so impressed with the cashier at the Rustan’s Supermarket (Shangri-la branch) counter named Virginia. She even took me aside and helped me choose the cheeziest ensaymadas with the longest expiration dates.


MacLaren Recalls 1 Million Strollers

Interesting article on MacLaren strollers, for those who own one, do take note and take advantage of the recall.

Maclaren recalls 1 million strollers
Stroller maker says its umbrella strollers have resulted in the amputation of 12 children’s fingertips.

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