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Ramen Bar Citibank Promo Free Tempura Ice Cream for Php 1000 purchase

I love Ramen Bar.

I think I’ve been there around 4 times already since it opened considering that Eastwood is a little far from home. I do so love their noodles, reminds me of eating at stand alone ramen places in Japan where the only thing they serve in the restaurant is just ramen : )

I brought two more friends today and they were raving about how good the soups were.

We tried ordering Super Chasyu Ramen at Php 380 a pop. Not cheap but definitely worth trying. The chasyu is meat that’s been simmered and cooked slowly.

The soup is really good rich and thick, nothing artificial tasting as the soup is cooked for 20 hours. It’s nothing like the ones served in restaurants that serve thin tasting soups that taste suspiciously like Knorr caterplan broth powder. I love the soft flavorful tamago egg that’s been marinated for 48 hours.

We tried ordering RBS #1 which is the one of the most recommended dishes in the menu. It’s a mix of naruto (the white and pink fish cakes), dried seawood, onions, pork, pork belly and tamago (egg) with a dash of sesame seeds.

We also tried ordering their Seafood Ramen which is delicious as well, but not as complex in flavor as their RBS#1.

Our appetizers actually came out a little later than the ramen. We had their spicy kakuni buns which really stood out. I love the softness of the buns, the spiciness of sauce and texture of the pork meat which literally melts in your mouth. Pricey at php 180 for two- but worth a try.

We also had their karaage which is crispy boneless fried chicken with salt and pepper seasoning. Eat while hot. The crunchiness is something to experience. Pricey at Php 155 for 4 pcs of boneless fried chicken meat.

Lastly, we had tempura ice cream. It is probably the best tempura ice cream I have ever tasted from the texture of the tempura coating to the delicious chocolate sauce. As my friend’s daughter found it finger lickin’ good : ) She finished all the sauce, but politely refused a second round of tempura ice cream : ).

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture hahaha. It was so good, it slipped my mind as it lasted less than 2 minutes on the table. : )

When I got the bill, I was happily surprised to find out that using my Citibank card to pay for the bill did have it’s benefits. From a bill of Php 1700+ for everything we ate, they agreed to deduct the bill for my tempura ice cream since Citibank so kindly sponsored our dessert : ). Yehey, that’s a savings of Php 180.00.

Looking forward to eating at Ramen Bar again.

Ramen Bar
G/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, QC

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Happy Lemon

I was so excited when I first saw Happy Lemon. It was another milk tea place to discover and hangout. Just this December alone, I think I’ve visited this place twice with friends and yes, for some reason, I keep forgetting to take pictures of the drinks.

They have a lot of funky combinations being offered, but the one I love the most and keep coming back for is the Green Tea Rock Salt and Cheese combination.

One of the owners manning the both, actually instructed us to “Sip it, don’t stir it.” I did as told and wasn’t disappointed I wish that the creamy milky cheesey rock salt part would never run out. Hehehe. End December, they actually did run out of stock of this flavor.

The 2nd one I tried is the Oreo shake combination which was delightfully delicious with the Oreo bits around, but the shocking amount of ice disappointed. The ice was almost more than half of my cup. Happy Lemon guys, if you ‘re reading this, please tell your staff not to put so much ice in the Oreo shake combination.

Anyway, I’m still going back to discover more flavors- I can’t seem to get over my milk tea fix. : )

Happy Lemon
Ground Flr Promenade Greenhillls (where Fully Booked used to be)

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The Best Squid Flakes

Baker’s Mill Squid Flakes. I count this as one of my Top 10 list of yummy spicy snacks. I was actually able to buy a pack of this for php 180 at Mann Hann, although you might be able to pick up a box at Wei Wang in Wilson St. They have it sometimes.

Baker’s Mill prides itself as Cebu’s finest. I ‘m not surprised, they are and have replaced my former favorite Triple E Squid Flakes, which did not have super crunchy squid flakes due to their plastic packaging.

Baker’s Mill comes in (2) 50 gram foil packs. Only open them when you plan to eat, so that the squid flakes stay crisp. Usually there is nothing left to keep after a few minutes. Spicy, a tad sweet and crunchy, it’s one of my guilty pleasures in life.

In terms of healthiness, they are baked. They contain squid, sugar, oil, salt, MSG, and Chili. I usually can consume like only 1/4 of a bag and get others to share with me. MSG tends to make me feel thirsty, too much of it (like in some restaurants I’ve eaten in), I come home with a headache.


Jacob’s Shawarma the Real Turkish Doner

I just had to try this shawarma place after hearing so many people rave about it. It’s the first time I’ve heard of Turkish doner.

Doner or doner kebab is a Turkish dish made of lamb meat cooked on a vertical spit and sliced to order.

Dishes similar to this kind of cooking are the Greek gyros and the Arabic shawarma (which is more popularly known in the country).
Jacob’s offers many variants such as chicken, beef , fish (salmon), combination of Australian beef and lamb shavings. These are then mixed with lettuce, tomatoes, and minced onions and a special sauce.

I find it quaint that he even posts a schedule of his menu for the days of the week:

TUESDAY: BEEF (Combination lamb and Australian beef) P 200 pitta or Wheat pitta
FRIDAY : BEEF (Combination lamb and Australian beef) P 200 pitta or Wheat pitta

I ordered a combination of Australian beef and lamb for take-out since it was a Friday that day. I was in such a hurry because there wasn’t any adequate parking in front of the shop.

Anyway, this is not your typical shawarma shop with the yogurt garlic dressing and the chili sauce on the table. They have a different kind of dressing that they offer with a citrusy flavor.


To be honest, although the shawarmas are big to look at at 12 inches. I find it the combination lamb and beef a bit too pricey with not enough fillings inside to suit me . If you’re in the area though and would like a different twist to your sharwarma, it’s worth a try.

PRICING: * for an Ortigas outlet, reasonable for the size they sell
ADVANTAGES: They accept deliveries and are open 24 hours.
DISADVANTAGES: Parking, no airconditioning

Jacob’s Shawarma
115 Unit AIC Grande Tower, Sapphire Rd.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel: 7065699

(walking distance from Robinson’s Galleria, Gold’s Gym side)


O Sonho Portuguese Cuisine

O Sonho is a one of the few places in Manila that offer Portuguese cuisine.

Top of mind, the dishes I really liked were the chorizo sisig (please ask them to cook with less oil), the portuguese gambas was good (although I found it expensive for the amount of shrimp it had), and the Peri Peri Chicken (you also need to order this in advance).

You might like to try the Bacalhau de O’ Sonho with pita bread (this is to die for- and yes, we ended up ordering extra pita bread).

You might also like the Peri Peri Chicken (you also need to order this in advance).

I also like their Coffee Marinated Roast Pork which you do have to order in advance, but is again one of the most delicious dining experiences ever. My brother-in-law liked it so much that he actually came back a 2nd time just to order this particular dish.

For dessert we liked the almond sans rival and the tres leches.

It’s a little pricey- but reasonable for the quality they serve. This place is good for an intimate family dinner.

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Best Chili Hotdogs in Manila

I love going to this place to eat comfort food. Although the Orange Julius signage has been taken down, this place still serves the best chili hot dogs for me (and they’re easy on the pocket too) .

The breads that goes with the hotdogs are always served warm and moist. The hotdogs aren’t mushy or oily.

They also don’t serve those cheap looking hotdogs that are chock full of red dye guaranteed to color your intestines silly.

The chili hotdogs are best eaten while warm with a cold drink of either orange or mango or a combination of both.

I think the hotdogs cost around php 45 or so, drinks will set you back php 35.00 . The regular hotdog stands in the malls don’t hold a candle to this.

Yummy comfort food, reasonably priced, and value for money.

UNIMART ( near the entrance )

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Mamou a home kitchen

We tried out this wonderful little place at Serendra called Mamou. Mamou is owned by Malou Fores.

We tried the cracked cheese with fuet and honey which is basically grana padano cheeese and fuet Catalonian salami with honey dip (php 295). The cheese made a good pairing with the salami and honey.

We also had the vegetable mushroom dip and truffle flavored oil along with whole wheat melba chips (php 195) which I liked better than the 1st appetizer we ordered.

We also had soft shell crab salad which is basically beer-batterend soft shell crabs, arugula, lola rosa, tomatoes with anchovy vinaigrette dressing (php 400).

We also tried the lamb chops which was around 600 gms or 21 oz. It was rather pricey at Php 1300. I didn’t like it so much since it wasn’t as flavorful as I expected it to be. I kept putting mint jelly on mine.

Lamb Chops

You had a choice of either corn pudding

or creamed spinach.

We also tried Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream which is basically spaghetti with truffled cream and Grana padano cheese (php 335). I loved this particular dish!

We also had the Beer Battered Fish with Malt Vinegar (php 225). This was pretty good and the fish was pretty fresh.

Overall, eating at Mamou was a good experience. Food and service were fast. The servers were polite and courteous.

A meal good for 3 people will set you back around Php 2500.00

It’s actually worth going back to try their other dishes.

Unit 1 C-15 G/F SERENDRA, Fort Bonifacio Heights,
Fort Bonifacio Global City 1634 Taguig City
Tel: 8563569

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Ristras Mexican Grill

Ristras means dried chili arrangements. The chilies are dried for later consumption, and are as decoration in chili producing areas such as New Mexico.

The walls of Ristras actually have them as decor. If I’m not mistaken, the signage of Ristras has chilis surrounding the name.

This is the 2nd time I ‘ve eaten here. Ristras is the brainchild of Chef Robbie Goco of Cyma fame.

I liked their burritos in particular- you get to have it in 3 ways: burrito, fajita burrito or the naked burrito. I’m happy settling for the regular burrito. You can have your choice of flour or whole wheat tortilla. Rice is chorizo or cilantro. Beans – you can go for the black or the green beans.

For the filling we had the barbacoa (which I felt was more unique since it’s basically beef that ‘s been roasted for 6 hours with cumin and all sorts of spices, but you do get a choice of chicken, vegetarian, carnitas or pork (they even have organic pork if you wish).

I had guacamole, sour cream some vegetables, onions with my burrito. I particularly liked their tomato salsa sauce with a hint of coriander in it.

I’d recommend trying the nachos as well at Php90.00 per order, they serve white and blue corn nacho chips and really thick cheese dip.

Best to come here with a group of 3 to 4 people. The servings are so huge, they’re meant to be shared.

Parking here is a little hard to get as they can usually only accomodate 3 to 4 cars at the most.

Recommendations: Eat here if you’re hankering for fastfood style Mexican food and if you live in San Juan area. The menu is limited and not really recommended for small kids.

The last time we ate here 3 of us racked up a bill of 1200+, and that’s just nachos, salad, burrito, and 3 drinks. But for people who love authentic tasting Mexican burritos- this place is heaven.

J. Abad Santos St.
(if you’re coming from Wilson St. make a right turn at Gloria Maris and go straight, Ristras is at the right side of the street). as

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Fu Kui Tea House

I like this little tea house in Manila. The place is pretty neat and clean. The servings are generous .

The price ranges from 80 php to 250 php at the most.

This is a special dish my FIL orders. It’s made of fish balls and pork soup. It’s not on the menu, but it’s pretty damn good.

This is their Sate Beef Chami Php 120. Great tasting and filling.

This is Fried Taro with Shrimp. Php 160. Yum-yum.

The food is authentically chinese.

Fu Kui Tea House
486 San Fernando St. Binondo Manila
Tel: 2454725/2454726
Store Hours: 9 am to 10 pm

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Bagoong Club

Bagoong Club is one of those places that delight as well as inspire. You wonder about the patience and creativity of the chefs involved with the restaurant.

The place is a mix of new and old. Modern, but you can see the effects that make the place so very Filipino- dark hardwood effect, capiz windows and and even Jose Rizal’s image around the place.

I love the idea that same old same old Filipino dishes are being given a modern twist. Unusual combinations like pusit and bopis? Two dishes I love are together in one dish.

For appetizers, we were served singkamas with chili bagoong.

I must say I found their bagoong addicting.

In the menu, the first thing that caught my eye was the pinakbet pate. I mean, I go to Cibo just to have my liver pate served with little bread chips. How can I resist not trying pinakbet pate?

And how glad I was that I had given into temptation. ; )

Chicharon Bulaklak. This is so good it’s almost evil….. cholesterol overload has never been this good.

Inihaw na pusit na busog sa bopis…. another evilly delicious combination- but who cares about the calories ?

Binagoongan combination. I didn’t like this dish so much.

This soup is actually good. It’s called Bulalo na Mongo.

This is the Bagoong Club sisig – you can taste the chicken livers on it.

They also sell their special bagoong at Php 250 per bottle.

I’m going back for a 2nd round. The servings are large and filling. The prices are reasonable from 180 to 280++ pesos for meals. I’m going to make space for their luscious desserts next time around.

Btw. try to make reservations, because the place is jampacked at times. It takes them some time to serve the food, but it’s well worth the wait.

Directions on how to get to BAGOONG CLUB:

Via Tomas Morato
– along Tomas Morato going towards ABS-CBN, make a right at street after Anabel’s and Starbucks. Bank of Commerce is in the corner.
– along Tomas Morato going towards E. Rodriguez, when you see Alfredo’s on the right, take a left on the opposite street with Bank of Commerce and Starbucks in the corner.

Via Scout Torillo
– on Timog going to rotonda from EDSA, make a left at street with Metrobank in the corner (Scout Torillo). Take right on Scout Dr. Lazcano.
– on Kamuning road going to T. Morato from EDSA, make a right at 3rd stoplight (Scout Torillo) and left at Scout Dr. Lazcano.

(as advised by their multiply site)

Bagoong Club
122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City.
Tel. 929-5450 and 929-0544

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