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Best Ointment for Bruises

Hirudoid was marketed to reduce effects of inflamed varicose veins. My sister actually used the product for her varicose veins and it helped, although daily applications were still required.

For the past five years, my family has been using Hirudoid for bruises and bumps. Hirudoid has such an amazing effect on the bruises from black and blue, you’ll see the color lighten in a matter of hours. This is because Hirudoid helps increase blood flow to the affected area. It also speeds up the healing of bruises by 50%.

It’s a very handy ointment to have around especially if you have a lot of kids in the house.

Package Insert Warnings:

* This product is for external use only.
* Do not use this product with warfarin.
* Do not apply to infected or bleeding areas.
* Avoid contact with the eyes and wash hands after applying.

This product can be purchased at most drugstores.


Scholastic and Grolier Warehouse Sale

Hey Guys. They’re back. Scholastic and Grolier’s Warehouse sale is this December 3 to 15 2009. From 8 am to 5 pm.

For those on the search for great book finds!

70 C. Raymundo St. Brgy Rosario, Pasig City
Tel : 9001538

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Logico Piccolo

I was able to buy a set of Logico Piccolo at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale for around php 2950 and they also threw in a set of Harry Potter hardbound 7 book set for FREE.

I consider this a steal at that price because during school fairs- they would often sell this product for as much as Php 9000++ pesos.

What is Logico Piccolo?

Logico Piccolo is an German educational product aimed at 5 to 9 year olds. It has 20 titles and the volumes are broken down into (3) categories: Brain development, English and Mathematics.

Brain Development Titles :

Watch and Think
Watch, Discover and Speak
Space Position
Geometry 1
Geometry 2


Me and My Family
My Home
At School
My Town


Counting and Addition to 10
Addition and Subtraction to 10
Addition and Subtraction to 20
Introducing Multiplication
Multiplication by 2 to 10
Division by 2 to 10

Logico Piccolo’s focus is to help improve the child’s development. Logico itself is entertaining and attractive to children. It makes learning an enjoyable experience for kids.

What I love in this set is that it’s challenging for children.

Here’s some pictures of the inside of the Logico sets:

This is a page 1 of Brain Development- 1 Watch and Think . Instructions are to look out for the same picture.

This is the answer key at the back of the same page. And this enables to do children to do self-correcting on their own.

This another page from a different set called, English- 2 My Home . The object of the activity is to identify the many rooms in the house:

This is the answer key at the back page.

You really get your money’s worth out of this product.


Children’s Books at P 49.00 and up

steph pix 011

I love books.

I love books so much that I brave the shelves of Books for Less and Book Sale just to get my fix of old children’s books to bring home.

My children grew up on Good Night Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, Where the Wild Things Are, Eric Carle, I Spy books, Sandra Boynton, Karen Katz, Mr. Frumble, Sesame Street, and Dora.

It didn’t matter if I brought home a dog eared copy of an old children’s favorite. The important thing was that my children learned to love reading. I sure bought a lot of books in those places on a shoestring budget.

So, what makes this find so amazing?

I don’t often buy brand new storybooks for my kids. But this was the first time I ever went to National Bookstore and came out with eleven treasured books in my arms for the price of php 576.00

steph pix 012

National Bookstore Shangrila has this quaint children’s section which featured rows and rows of children’s books. The books in the pictures above are all by QEB books (Start Reading and Talking) and they are appropriate for children learning to read in the range of 4 to 6 years old.

What I found amazing was the price, it’s sold at php 49.00 but the printed tag price on the book is $6.95. The books are brand new, the pictures are lively and colorful and the stories are lovely.

QEB Series : Everybody Feels


I find these books excellent in teaching children about how they feel and stories about other children (boy and girl) in situations that cause them to feel happy, sad, angry or scared.

QEB Series: Start Reading and Talking
First Experiences : Going to the Doctor (which a very good picture book) narrating a girl’s first experience in the doctor’s office.
Lenny’s Lost Spots (is about a ladybug who lost his spots)

QEB Series: Start Reading Together
Said Mouse to Mole ( about 2 animals that learn that whatever they may dream of being, their friend loves them the way they are).
First Experiences : Going to the Dentist (another very good picture book) narrating a boy’s first experience in the dentist’s office.

QEB Series: Start Reading and Writing
Volcanoes and Earthquakes

I also found books that weren’t in the php 50 and below range, but were still affordable.

steph pix 013

QEB Manners : Tell the Truth is about Php 75
Lampara Books: Alamat ng Sibuyas PHp 69.75
Lampara Books: Si Juan Tamad ay naging Kalabaw php 69.75

Lampara books are locally printed books that contain Tagalog/Filipino version of the stories.

Interesting websites and places to look for reasonably priced books- new or 2nd hand:


Sunglasses for Kids

I know it’s sometimes tempting to buy cheap kiddie sunglasses at department stores or bargain stores. You know the flimsy ones that cost around Php 100.00 to the Php 250.00 range.

The reason I don’t buy is that cheap, low quality sunglasses can be more harmful to your child. Especially if the sunglasses don’t block the UV rays well.

Although the sunglasses can block some light,they may cause the iris to open wider in order to compensate. This allows more UV rays to enter and damage the retina.

So, I try to look for affordable sunglasses in reputable optical shops to make sure that my kids are getting the best UV protection possible for their eyes.

The glasses featured here are ESPRIT, but I was also able to find affordable BENETTON sunglasses for kids as well. They are cool and easy to wear.

The lady handling the store was kind enough to adjust the glasses to my child’s size and even suggested we use eyeglass neck cords (the rope attached to glasses) so that my kids don’t break their sunglasses.

TEL NO 722-86-55

TEL NO. 241-68-67

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Ficka’s Educational Materials and Flashcards

This is my favorite multiply website to buy hard to find educational materials for my kids.

They have a lot of flashcards to help with sorting and classifying, phonemic awareness, auditory memory. Great for kids who are homeschooling.

They also have therapy brushes for kids with sensory integration problems and pencil grips.


I got this set for teaching cubes and numbers 1 to 30 for my little Princess. The cubes are lego-like and you can actually stack them one on top of the other.


These are fun lacing beads to help improve fine motor skills.


This a unique find as well. A toy that has an infinite loop shape. A friend of mine got this for her 8 year old nephew and the kid had quite a blast with the toy.

What I like about this site is that Ms. Ficka’s easy to talk to, and willing to do meet ups. I also like that they ‘ve got a wide variety of educational materials for children.

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Best Snack Container with Divider for Kids


I found this cool container for my kids’ snacks. The brand is Biokips. It’s airtight and anti-bacterial. I usually use the brand Lock Lock which looks very similar to this.

The only difference being that this brand boasts of a “advanced CEM biotechnology” and I wanted the cute little compartments that allow me to put cereals on one side for snacks and cookies on the other.

You can also remove both compartments completely should you decide you want to use the entire container.

I was able to buy this product at Puregold, but I think I saw this at Rustan’s Supermarket as well. I was able to buy at Php 149.75 less 10% during a promotion they had at Puregold.

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